Föreningen Bobathkonceptet i Sverige

Bobath Advanced Course - IBITA certified 15-19 mars 2023, Ekenäs

Theme: The use of postural transitions as a treatment modality

Kursinnehåll: 1. To gain an increased understanding of: • Integration of posture and movement within postural transitions • The use of postural transitions as a modality of treatment • The neurophysiology underpinning the postural and movement control in postural transitions 

2. To update the current knowledge about postural transitions synergies and their clinical implication 3. Reflect clinically on the pros and cons of the selected postural transitions to use them therapeutically. IBITA Advanced Course Learning Objectives On completing an advanced course, each participant is expected (within the Bobath concept) to be able to: a. Articulate a clear understanding how a change at the impairment level can impact on the patient’s clinical presentation and level of functioning. b. Initiate and implement problem solving strategies for persons with neurological disorders. c. Validate specific handling skills, environmental modifications and the use of verbal cues through self-evaluation. d. Identify patient potential and achieve optimal function. e. Consider the theoretical evidence base and in-depth movement analysis to assist treatment intervention. f. Evaluate response to treatment using relevant outcome measures. 

Datum: 15-19 Mars 2023

Kursinstruktörer: Miguel Benito García, Spanien, Physioterapist, Advanced course instructor, (IBITA). 

Målgrupp: Fysio- och ergoterapeuter 

Kursspråk: Engelska 

Kursplats: Raseborgs Fysioterapi Ab, Bryggerigatan 13, 10600 Ekenäs 

Kursens pris: 710 € + moms 24 % (880,40€). I kursens pris ingår kaffe, te och kursmaterial. 

Tilläggsinformation: Intyg på grundkursen eller en tidigare genomgången fortsättningskurs ska lämnas in till utbildningens kontaktperson vid anmälan (bild på det): pc.lofgren@myhome.fi

Avbokningsvillkor: En månad före första kursdagen är avbokning kostnadsfritt, vid avbokning efter det debiteras 50% av utbildningens totala pris. Vid förhinder kan deltagaren bytas ut kostnadsfritt. Fullt pris debiteras för utbildningen av de som missar utbildningen utan avbokningsmeddelande. 

Bindande anmälan till pc.lofgren@myhome.fi senast 05.01.2023 

Kontaktperson: Cecilia Löfgrenpc.lofgren@myhome.fi eller tel: 040 526 0118

Bobath advanced course- IBITA certified    5-9 maj 2023, Marstrand

Theme: Trunk control; a necessity or a luxury in neurological rehabilitation?

Trunk control is a central aspect of postural control, and has been found to be impaired after  a neurological damage or disease. Trunk control and sitting balance are considered key predictors in functional outcome and hospital stay after stroke and in the recent years, trunk rehabilitation received more attention resulting in a vast increase of the available literature. However how will we implement the research literature in the clinical work and is it an area of the body that deserves special focus?

Our overall aim is to broaden the understanding and knowledge of trunk control in Neurological patients. During the course we will explore the neurophysiology that underpin Trunk control and how to develop some treatment ideas to enhance this skill in neurological patients through practical examples and patients treatments.

Dates:           5-9 June 2023

Instructors:  Monica Morelli and Line Syre

Participants:   Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, in possession of a IBITA recognized basic course certificate will be accepted as participants.

Language:      English, with possible Scandinavian translation

Place:             Neuroplastiskt Centrum AB, Marstrand, Sverige (45 minutes outside Gothenburgh)

Course fee:     750 Euros (included lunch)

Registration deadline:  19 april  2023

 Contact person: line.syre@gmail.com